Best Bass Headphones 2021

We Did Comprehensive Research on Best Bass Headphones 2021 and came up with our final recommendations. If you are planning to buy a Best Bass Headphones 2021   , chances are your budget is limited Under 200 Dollars .

Bass is arguably the foundation upon which all music is constructed whether you are into pop hip hop or jack.

A noticeable base is what gives you a satisfying listening experience. Of course all the other elements of the music need to be delivered too balance mids and highs that are clear rather than tiny are just as important.

When rocking out to your so if you are looking for the best headphones that deliver best quality and the booming bass.

Then this Article is for you in this Article i will show you the top 5 best bass headphones 2021 that you can buy for 2021.

which are Best Bass Headphones   Under 200 Dollars to buy in 2021 ?


5. Sony WH XB700 headphone

Summary :- This headphone is one of the best base headphones available today because of their full base quality ,wireless connection and all-day comfort.

This headphone are in the solid mid range of the list and fairly inexpensive considering how high the price tag can go for high-end headphones.

This is available in two colors that is blue or black and feature a matte finish. This headphone is also equipped with the extra base technology.

You can clearly enjoy the bass in the music with this technology. This bass headphones also have a wireless bluetooth connection. So  you have the freedom to move with up to 30 hour of battery life.

 You  can also enjoy this headphone without the fear that they will die out on youn of course.

It  also helps if you are a little forgetful too a built-in amazon Alexa helps you to find all your favorite music easily.

 A  built-in mic means you can answer all your calls without skipping a beat with swivelling ear cuffs. These bass  headphones form to your head and have soft ear cushions that are perfect for long-term wear.

The pros of this headphone are USB type-c connection, long battery life and no distortion in the base.

the cronie mids and heights are not completely clear. links are given in the bellow for various countries you can check the price and availability on country and buy it from there.


  • Battery life – Up to 30hrs 
  • Light Weight – 195g
  • Connectivity Technology – Wireless
  • Color – Black



  • USB type-c connection available. 
  • It has long battery life.
  • No distortion in the base.
  • Mids and heights are not completely clear.

4. Skullcandy Crusher headphone

Summary : – This curl candy crusher headphone deserved this spot among the best base headphones 2021 for their wireless connection attention.

When it comes to delivering bass and overall comfort. The overall design of this headphone is simple and sleek with a matte finish that comes in either black or deep red.

With  a wireless bluetooth connection these headphones give you massive freedom to move for up to 40 hours of battery life.

This headphone even has a quick charge function that will give you up to three hours of listening for 10 minutes of charging.

For those who are always on the go this can be a life saver. Best of all the level of bass is adjustable to be tuned to your musical tape.

When it comes to overall comfort the foam earcups make this headphone perfect for hours of wear and work to block out background music.

The pros of this headphone are long lasting battery life, attention to detail for deep bass and great value for money.

The only disappointment is the bass can overwhelm over elements of music.


  • Battery life – Up to 40hrs 
  • Light Weight – 275g
  • Connectivity Technology – Wireless
  • Color – Black



  • long lasting battery life.
  • Attention to detail for deep bass.
  • Great value for money.
  • The bass can overwhelm over elements of music.

3. Cowin E8 Headphones

Summary : – Cowin E8 is also one of the best headphone for its reliable wireless connection, noise cancellation technology and the Long battery life at 150 dollars .

These  are on the higher end price wise among the picks on this list but in the scheme of just how expensive quality headphones can be.

These are still a very pretty good bargain these headphones have a black body and are available in orange, rose gold and silver accents.

It’s  a nice design perk that adds some personal style. These 100 disabled headphones deliver deep bass and crips heist via their 45 millimetre drivers reviewers note that the bass is powerful.

When it kicks in making these a great pick for those who like to indulge in the bass.

When they listen to the music noise cancellation technology also ensures that the background noise will not disrupt you.

Making  this headphone ideal for travel at the office or work from home with 20 hours of battery life.

These headphones don’t have the longest battery life compared to other headphones in this list.

Best  of all these headphones come with a 18 month warranty.

Pros of this headphones are rich bass comfortable for our software, effective noise cancellation.

The only disappointment is the only con is bulkier than previous models.


  • Battery life – Up to 20hrs 
  • Light Weight – 150g
  • Connectivity Technology – Wireless
  • Color – Black



  • Rich bass comfortable for our software.
  • Effective noise cancellation.
  • Bulkier than previous models.

2. Audio Technica  Headphones

Summary :-  The  audio technica  headphones are some of the best bass headphones because of their superior sound design, comfortable wear and a reliable wide connection with a price tag of nearly 200 dollar.

These headphones are certainly on the more high end of this list. These  solidly built black and silver headphones are made to perform .

These are certainly more of an investment but you get what you pay for when it comes to their sound design.

These headphones come equipped with the 53 millimeter drivers and the largest ones on this list.  

They  are the largest ones on this list a built-in aluminium stabilizer ring helps to reduce unwanted vibration for optimal sound clarity and a base venting system aid.

Air damping for the best base reproduction possible. these headphones come with a dual layer ear pads that have a firm inner layer and a soft outer layer.

According to reviews these are most comfortable than several other audio technical headphones . While the fit is snug it’s comfortable and can be used for long term gear.

While these headphones do not have the freedom of a wireless connection. They have a reliability of a wired connection additionally an inline microphone makes.

These headphones perfect for attending digital meetings or taking phone calls. The cons of this phone are the cons of this headphone are enhanced ear pads make more comfortable wear clean bass and great overall sound quality.

The only disappointment is some soundly cage.


  • Battery life – Up to 40hrs 
  • Light Weight – 275g
  • Connectivity Technology – Wireless
  • Color – Black



  • Great  sound quality.

  • Enhanced ear pads make more comfortable wear clean bass
  • Some soundly cage.

1. Sony MDR-XB650BT Headphones

SummaryThis headphone have a reliable wireless connection with a fast charging time extra bass and an on-air fit that makes them best base headphones that you can find in 2021.

As  far as headphones go these bass headphones are solidly in the mid-range. When it comes to the price at around 100 $.

 They  are available in black and blue and they have a pretty snug fit the adjustable headband makes it possible for the folks with the noggins of all shapes and sizes.

 To enjoy this headphone with a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and NFC connectivity.

You get the freedom of wireless headphones with the sound quality. You crave moving on to the base capabilities like other Sony pics on this list.

These headphones are enabled with extra bass technology. This sony specific technology boost up the base while keeping it tight with a minimal sound bleed.

If you are working quietly in an office or work from home situation. This is impressive to be able to enjoy your tunes but not disturb others around on the downside.

Some durability issues have been accounted for as with the other sony headphones.

The only con is this phone is slightly uncomfortable for extended use so these are some of the best base headphones that you can plan to buy in 2021.


  • Battery life – Up to 30hrs 
  • Light Weight – 190 Grams
  • Connectivity Technology – Wireless
  • Color – black and blue



  • A fast charging time extra bass.
  • Slightly uncomfortable for extended use.

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